Oxford Mommy’s Guide to Ottawa, Part 2

As we continue our Ottawa holiday, we’ve been having some great experiences around the city with the Baberoo. I always like visiting old favourite spots, but there are so many new places to try whenever we visit the city that I end up wanting to go to all of them too.

One of the coolest areas in Ottawa now is Hintonburg, and after visiting friends who live in the neighbourhood we took their recommendation and headed to the Hintonburg Public House (1020 Wellington Street West, K1Y 2X9), where we had a fantastic lunch. My burger was one of the best I’ve had in years (perfectly medium-rare as requested and boasting yummy fried onions on top), and my husband’s fish and chips was tasty too – although it, and most of the menu, isn’t the easiest thing to eat with just one hand free. The staff were very friendly and kept admiring the Baberoo. There are no baby-changing facilities at Hintonburg Public House, although in a pinch you could use the floor if you had a mat.


We tried out the OC Transpo buses to see if Ottawa’s public transport measured up to Oxford’s bus system (I haven’t written a post about Oxford public transport yet, but it’s coming soon!) Sadly, on our first journey we were on an overcrowded bus with a surly driver who was annoyed that the Baberoo was crying, and there were no rules about where we could park our stroller (we started out in the middle of the aisle; luckily, someone was getting off so we could move into one of the wheelchair spaces). Our subsequent rides were much better, though, and the actual bus system works very efficiently. I prefer the seating system in Oxford, however: in Ottawa the section where baby carriages and wheelchairs can park have benches that flip up, rather than individual seats that can be folded one at a time in case you want to sit down. If you have a baby carriage and you use the space, you’re out of luck for sitting down yourself – which I imagine isn’t great if you’re pushing a stroller while pregnant with another child!

Another lunch outing saw us at Milestones Grill and Bar (700 Sussex Drive, K1N 1K4), where we were meeting a friend who had told us it was relatively baby-friendly, as I guess a chain restaurant with so many locations would pride itself on being. They did have several menu choices that were easy to eat with one hand while holding a baby, and the baby-changing facilities (in the disabled stall in the ladies’ room) were fine. Staff were also very friendly to the baby. Still, we weren’t blown away by the food – mine was a Thai chicken curry and my husband’s was pasta with asiago cream sauce – and next time I’d probably suggest somewhere else.

Thai chicken curry

While out book-shopping in the Byward Market (Argosy Books at 209 Dalhousie Street is one of our favourites) we stopped at the new Ottawa branch of i deal coffee (176 Dalhousie Street, K1N 7C6; there are also three locations in Toronto) to recharge and because it smelled heavenly – you could smell the roasting coffee from half a block away. I don’t drink coffee, but the delicious scent made me nearly swoon anyway.  My husband said it was one of the best he’s had for a long time. i deal coffee is a fair way up Dalhousie Street, but it’s definitely worth going. There was ample room next to the booth seating for the baby carriage, and there’s also an outdoor patio with a few tables. No bathrooms, though.

Coffee roasting

So far I’ve eaten so much that I feel like I have to roll myself to bed every night, but I still have some more places to review. Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Ottawa adventures!

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