Oxford Mommy’s Guide to Ottawa, Part 3

It’s our last day in Ottawa and my last post about Ottawa restaurants – we’ll be on our way back to Oxford tonight and I’ll be back to my usual postings about the baby-friendliness of Oxford venues. It’s been a great vacation and we’ve visited some fabulous places. It just so happens that the two last ones were some of the very best.

The Green Door (198 Main Street, K1S 1C6) is one of my favourite places; it’s Ottawa’s first vegetarian restaurant and has been going strong for 25 years (and they’ve also opened a Green Door Grocer two doors down). On our visit there I loaded up on the broccoli with tofu, my favourite dish, as well as many other hot dishes and salads. The restaurant is buffet-style and you pay by weight, which means you choose exactly what you like. Everything was as delicious, light, and fresh as usual. It’s always bustling in there so we went early and I was glad we did; by the time our lunch was over there was a line out the door and it wasn’t easy to manoeuvre the baby carriage out of the restaurant. It does have enough space for carriages at most tables, however. And most, if not all, of the food available can be eaten with one hand while you’re holding a baby.

Green Door lunch

The disabled/baby change bathroom at the Green Door is on the ground floor; the others are downstairs. It’s a very spacious baby-changing area and spotlessly clean, plus it’s nicer-looking than a standard bathroom. I also used the regular toilets and just love that the bathroom-stall graffiti in this place runs to comments such as ‘Save public libraries!’.

Green Door bathroom

Murray Street Kitchen/Wine/Charcuterie (110 Murray Street) couldn’t be more of a contrast with the Green Door; while the Green Door is vegetarian Murray Street concentrates on meat.  And how! I had a pulled-pork sandwich there that was maybe the best I’ve ever had; the meat was flavourful and juicy, it had just a tiny bit of cheese and coleslaw as dressing, and was served on a soft, sweet bun. My husband had the oxtail tacos and they were fabulous too, the rich meat was so tender that it was falling apart (although the tacos didn’t, which is good!). The ‘Poorly Cut Fries, Awesome Mayo’ were great too.

Pulled pork sandwich and fries

We were the only ones sitting inside (everyone else was out on the deck) so we had the place to ourselves, and our servers were extremely friendly, especially to the Baberoo. It was a great ambiance, although unfortunately there were no baby-changing facilities. And be warned: there’s not much on the menu that can be eaten one-handed while holding a baby, but for food this good you might be tempted to make your kid wait in the stroller while you eat!

Oxtail tacos

It has been a lovely holiday and we’ve had a huge amount of good food, both eating out and at the houses of family and friends. We’ve found that Ottawa is a pretty baby-friendly city. I can’t wait to come back when the Baberoo is a toddler!

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