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Oxford Mommy’s new job

Are you a busy parent?

Don’t worry, I’m still Oxford Mommy and I’ll be reviewing Oxford’s eateries, attractions, and activities for baby- and toddler-friendliness for a long time to come! But I also have a new job as a Professional Declutterer and Organizer. I’ve opened my own business, Clear the Decks!

Never heard of that job before? Most people haven’t! A professional declutterer and organizer helps others transform their living and working spaces into something that truly fits their needs. I’ve always had a passion for organizing, and now I’m making it into my profession. I work with anyone who needs their home decluttered and organized, but as the parent of a young child I am very much in tune with the needs of families with young children.

If you need help paring down your stuff and organizing your home and your schedule so that you have more space and time for your family, I’m here to help. And because I am so grateful to my Oxford Mommy readers for supporting me over the last two and a half years, I’m offering a 15% discount to anyone who books a session with me before 31 December 2015. Email me at clearthedecksUK@gmail.com to book a consultation.

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